All I need is within me now

Apr 26, 2017

All I need is within me now

I first really heard this when I started my journey with Tony Robbins at UPW, London in 2001. Then, later in Palm Springs at his Date with Destiny program, I remember the night time walk declaring incantations out loud, with ‘All I need is within me now’ being one.

Even though I had heard it and had said it many many times, it was a wee while before I truly KNEW it in my heart.

In fact, it now forms the very basis of my coaching philosophy (see Release your Inner Peanut here).

I see reminders of this everywhere but mostly in nature and in my garden.

A couple of years ago, I planted an Avocado pit that had begun sprouting inside the fruit and, without any input from myself it is now a small tree (I’m afraid any plant I possess has to be able to thrive on neglect)

Then this morning as I sliced open an Avocado and the pit split in half as I did so… and there inside was the germ (yes Avocados have ‘Rabbits of Truth too!) And that germ determines exactly what it will become. An avocado pit will produce an avocado tree, nothing else just as an acorn will grow into a mighty Oak.

It was an absolute reminder that everything that pit needed to grow into a tree was there… inside… sat waiting for the right environment.

And what I want you to know in your heart is this…

the same is absolutely true for you

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