Are you waiting for a sign?

Nov 14, 2017

Heard the one about the man who comes home late from work one night to find his wife has upped and left and taken the children with her? “I didn’t know anything was wrong” he was heard to say “everything seemed fine”.

Not funny? No – it’s not. It’s sad.

It’s also sad for the person who suddenly one day finds themselves ill, or broke, or depressed or fat.

“I don’t understand how this happened” they say….

Well listen up people…

No-one wakes up one day to find themselves seriously ill, broke, depressed or fat.

It takes months, even years of ignoring the warning signs in order for this to happen.

I have a friend who, when she discovered ‘The Secret’ and had the very basic understandings of the Law of Attraction, was that person who was always ‘waiting for a sign’. The problem was though that she only looked for the good signs… you know the pennies on the floor, the parking spaces in the perfect spot. She totally ignored all the warning signs that came along, the ones letting her know that the path she was on was indeed, not the yellow brick road.

These warning signs happen for all of us all of the time. They start with a little nudge you know, like the cough that never quite clears up, the occasional bounced cheque, the recurring decision to stay in bed ‘just a few minutes more’ or the buttons that are just a little bit tighter than before.

Then, as you continue to ignore these subtle signs they get a bit louder, more let’s say, ‘in yer face’ and if you choose to ignore these still, they will progress in severity until WHAM! they take out your knees and lay you out flat!

By which time it’s too late. The wife & kids have gone, they’ve repossessed your house or you’ve been handed the death sentence by the doctor.

As Oprah Winfrey once said, you have to learn to “Listen to the whisper before it becomes a scream”

You must learn to see and feel the signs as they happen. You take heed of those small soft nudges that are willing you to shift your course just one degree to steer yourself back to safety. How?

By becoming aware. Awareness is key. To make any change you have to notice and accept what needs changing.

So choose now to become conscious. Listen to and then change your thoughts and your language for they are the beliefs that carve out your destiny.

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