Is your change being short-changed?

Dec 5, 2017

I hear some people say they dislike change, even fear it, but what else is life about if not change?

Think about it, every time you buy something new you are looking to change something. Food changes your hunger to satiation, maybe the new dress or hair do changes your feeling from frump to siren.

We also buy into service industries with the full expectation that something is going to change… for the better.

You pay your gym membership, your Health Practitioner, your Life Coach with the ABSOLUTE expectation that change will happen.

So how do you know when change has happened?

Are you monitoring your situation on a regular basis and evaluating your results?

If not, how will you ever know you’re getting your money’s worth?

The old definition of stupidity being doing the same thing over & over again and getting the same results is true. Now paying for something over & over again and getting no results is even worse!

Of course, in every transaction you have to do your bit. There is usually a responsibility on both sides to play their part. You have to put in the work. You cannot pay your money and expect instantaneous change to just happen – magic wands are few and far between.

So whatever change you are looking for, KEEP A RECORD of your results be it weight changes, pain levels or happy moods lived in.

For change is insidious, it’s like watching your kids grow, if you’re not careful you’ll miss it as it soon simply becomes your new norm…

OR worse still, change WON’T happen. You won’t get the feedback that tells you you’re on the right track and you’ll miss the opportunity to switch the points over to a new one leaving you not only unchanged but also out of pocket.



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