Having trouble making a decision?

Feeling Stuck?  Starting a new project?  Need some clarity?  This session is for YOU!

I fully understand that for most of the time you’re great at getting on with your life and work, planning your future and reaching your goals without any outside help.  But I also know that sometimes there’s a decision to be made that seems either too big or too complicated or simply just too scary to face alone.

This is when my stand alone Decision Making Coaching Session will help.


Well, no matter how supportive your friends, family or colleagues are, it’s a fact that they always have their own agenda which will unconsciously influence any advice they give.  Friends and family want to keep you safe, colleagues will be asking ‘how will this decision affect me?’

How?There is always a choiceThe beauty of having me as your decision making coach is that I am a totally non judgmental sounding board and supporter.   It‘s not my job to critique the decision or the idea but to offer a safe space where you can get all your ideas out of your head in order to make sense of them.  With great coaching you can safely explore every available option thereby expanding the possibilities open to you.

By the end of the 90 minute session you will have clarity, certainty and an action plan of the next steps to move you forward with whatever decision you chose to make.


Here’s what you get…

  • One 90 minute breakthrough session on Skype
  • In depth pre decision making coaching questionnaire
  • Unlimited email access for ongoing support and feedback for one month after your session

     £140 / 275 nz$

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