Uncover the real YOU

Let this short course help you to remember who you really are.  Time, experiences and circumstances will, overtime, cover up what I love to call your Inner Peanut, that part of you that is the star that was born to shine.

Simple Steps to Success

A seriously simple way to change your life. Do not be fooled by it’s simplicity or that it’s free. Download the course and the workbook and off you go.

Use the Dragon Exercise to discover the polarity status of your relationship

The Dragon Exercise

Has your relationship lost polarity?  Polarity is when you are both acting from your core sexuality, either masculine or feminine.  When polarity is lost you can languish in the best friends zone – or worse.  Check out this simple exercise to remember what true polarity feels like.

Discover your true Values

Your values, what really matters to you, help create your life and determine your actions and behaviours.  It is often a revelation when you understand what is driving you.  And of course, once you know, you can change them…

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