It’s All About Energy

Apr 10, 2017

Last month I wrote about that BIG question ‘But Where Do I start?’ (see here )

And, if you remember, I suggested the very best place to start is by changing your language.  I firmly believe this to be absolutely true


Aghhhhh!!!!  Now I’m butting all over you!

It’s just that I have a caveat… a

‘Where do I Start Part II’

And here it is…

Change, all change requires a shift in energy. It’s a law of physics… think turning water into steam, just add heat energy – get it?

It’s the same for changing your STATE. To make the changes you so desire you must have the energy to do it. It takes energy at first to change your language. You have to become consciously aware and that takes focus and that takes energy.

Now here’s the thing, without the addition of ENERGY, you remain in a state of INERTIA, you will resist all change

“Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to any change in its state”

Now this may be fast turning into a basic Physics lecture but that is exactly my point!  Your state is bound by PHYSICAL LAWS.  (See my long time ago post on this here

And now we also know that we are also bound by the laws of QUANTUM PHYSICS the very basis of which is that


You are an energy field which vibrates at a level.  When your energy is low your vibration rate slows.

So my ‘Where Do I Start Part II’ caveat is this.

If you want change ask yourself this basic question…

Where is my energy level?

on a scale of 1-10 where 1 is just above death & 10 is flying high!

If your answer is less than 6 then do whatever it takes to raise your energy levels FIRST before even attempting to change.  Without it you will FAIL (sorry to use the F word here but I always want to set you up for success)


Do the things that are FREE first! 

  • Breathe: Learn to breathe properly! Belly Breathe, breathe into your abdomen NOT your chest. Want to see it in action… go watch a baby. Your brain and body requires oxygen to operate and belly breathing switches on your Parasympathetic Nervous System which calms you down, relieves stress and makes for restoration and relaxation.
  • Hydrate: Second to your need for Oxygen comes WATER! Drink freely throughout the day. Drink first thing in the morning. And if you ‘don’t like water’… get over it!  Take it like medicine for it is indeed the very best medicine there is
  • Move: Your body is designed to move. Walk, run, skip, swim whatever it takes
  • Get out into nature: Get outside, take off your shoes, walk on grass, visit the sea or go hug a tree. Notice how you feel. Better?


Then move onto…

  • Nutrition: EAT REAL FOOD. Shop around the periphery of the supermarket that’s where all the goodness is.  You don’t need to be able to read labels, real food doesn’t come with labels.
  • Exercise: Feed your soul with great exercise, make it something you love, that ticks all your boxes and like Nike says ‘Just Do IT!’

Notice your energy levels rise.  When you’ve reached a number of AT LEAST 6/10 THEN you can make those changes you want to make.

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