Life is what you make it!

Apr 30, 2017

You know by now that I’m all about language. The language you use with yourself and others. And that your language determines how your life plays out.

The reason your language is so important is that it is a direct reflection of your thoughts and inner most, mostly unconscious beliefs. From there you can understand that when you become consciously aware of the language you use on a regular basis then you can change those deep seated beliefs which determine your actions and… tadaaaa… your life changes!

Easy right?

Yeah right I hear you saying… so let me give you an example.

In case you don’t know I’m a Crossfit addict. At our box (gym to any of you who aren’t into the Crossfit terminology – yes it does indeed have its own language!) there’s a lovely woman who is always smiling, always has a kind word to share or a compliment to give and whose absolutely favourite word is FUN! (ahhh a lady after my own heart J )

“That was fun!” you’ll hear her exclaim after finishing the most brutal workout!

“That sounds like fun” she’ll say when anyone suggests a get together/fund raiser/ more brutal workouts…

“It’ll be fun!” she says when contemplating a challenge such as a 10k run through a forest.

Now does this mean she has no stress? That everything is easy? That she leads an idyllic, problem free life? NO! Of course not, she is after all human.

What it does mean is that she gets to have fun every day in every way whenever and wherever she can.  She turns problems into fun filled challenges to overcome and make her soul dance.

Now answer this question…

How different would her life be do you reckon, if she changed her word FUN for HARD?

You know it just wouldn’t be fun would it?

So what word are you using that influences your life? And what word would you now like to change it for?

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