Have you met Davidji? I find his mindfulness meditations a wonderful way to start my day. So when this message dropped into my inbox I just had to share it.

I know many people struggle with making decisions and others simply make them from a reactive, fearful or angry state. The questions posed here in this video will certainly help you feel your way to the right decision for you.

  • Does this help me thrive or constrict?
  • With this decision, am I stepping into the future or being held back?
  • Is this choice a nourishment or a distraction?
  • With closed eyes, and hand on heart ask – Does this feel right? Good?

Be still, listen to the answers from within and then, only then, make that choice.

And if you still need help check out my one to one Decision Coaching here https://redshoescoaching.com/decision-coaching/

Because some decisions… you know those real big, life changing ones, are worth more than a jerk of the knee…

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