It’s great that you’re taking the time to find out more and find the best coach for you. I have answered the most commonly asked questions here.  I wouldn’t advise you to pay over any of your hard earned cash to a coach before you’re certain you’ve found the right one one for you because you have to get to know them first. I’ve put together this document for you to read

Once you’ve taken the time to browse around this site and get to know me a little better, maybe you’ll want to contact me to book your complimentary, no -obligation 30 minute skype call to discover the best way forward for you now.  And as you consider the benefits of confidence coaching with me you might want to look ahead and think about the changes you want to make.

If you don’t have Skype, don’t worry, it’s easy! Download it for free here

What is coaching and NLP?

Coaching focuses on your future, unlike counselling or therapy which examines your past.

It’s a form of gap analysis, helping you identify the gaps between where you are now and where you want to be and then design the actions needed to close them.

Coaching helps you through cleverly crafted questioning to expand and shift your perspective, opening up a whole new world of options and opportunities.

The coaching relationship is totally confidential, non-judgmental and supportive. It is a powerful, life changing process through which you will gain the clarity and commitment to put your plans into action and shine!

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) offers a super-effective set of tools that fit wonderfully well into the coaching process.

It uses the relationship between how you think (neuro), how you communicate both verbally and non verbally (linguistic) and your patterns of behaviour and emotion (programmes) to effect stunning changes in your perceptions, reactions and actions.

NLP accelerates your rate of change, eliminating old behaviours, thoughts and language and setting you up for success with new ones.

What is Strategic Intervention

Strategic Intervention

also known as SI, is a process dedicated to extracting the most practical and effective forms of strategic action and communication from a variety of disciplines: Ericksonian therapy, strategic family therapy, Human Needs Psychology, organizational psychology, neurolinguistics, psychology of influence, strategic studies, traditions of diplomacy and negotiation, and others.

Strategic Intervention provides simple understanding and solutions that REALLY deliver more benefit to people with less effort in a short space of time.  It is a method developed and demonstrated by Anthony Robbins, for assisting people to find empowering meanings for their life circumstances, discover why they do what they do and how they meet their needs in positive and negative ways, the understanding of which helps to promote sustainable change. It provides highly EFFECTIVE, FLEXIBLE and FAST ACTING LONG-TERM strategies to deal with a wide range of issues.

What are the benefits of coaching?

The benefits are almost limitless. Here’s my Top Ten.

  You achieve far more than on your own

  • A great coach helps you set authentic goals. Goals that are in line with your personal values, not someone else’s ‘shoulds’
  • The actions you commit to take are your choice

  You accomplish much more, faster than ever before

  • Even though you are responsible for your progress, your coach holds you accountable at every session. A good one will not let you off the hook lightly!
  • Each session will excite and inspire you – you’ll be raring to go
  • As your self belief grows, procrastination diminishes

  Your relationships improve at work and at home

  • By learning what makes you tick, you’ll understand other people more easily.
  • You learn to communicate more effectively with increased clarity and understanding
  • You build the self confidence to be your true authentic self – no more pretence or hiding behind barriers

  You’ll earn more money

  • Ok so money isn’t everything – but it helps!  People don’t pay their coaches for the fun of it, whatever you choose to work on there’s usually an increase in your bottom line along the way – or at least the potential for it!
  • Your income can only grow as much as you do – with coaching your personal growth will be through the roof
  • You become a more valuable asset to your current or future employer or business
  • You develop the self belief to follow your intuition and make great judgment calls
  • Your confidence will shine through, producing more sales, more customers and more raving fans

  You’ll make better decisions in your business or personal life

  • Coaching helps you make better decisions and when possible your coach will guide you down the tried and tested route, saving you time, energy and money
  • Fewer mistakes means fewer problems. Imagine being a problem free zone!
  • Problems cost time, energy, money, relationships, and happiness – need I go on?
  • So fewer mistakes equals more time, more energy, more money, more happiness – where will you spend yours?

  You’ll gain knowledge

  • Once you learn something you cannot unlearn it and everything you learn will move you forward.
  • Even a minor shift in your path moves you onto a new trajectory filled with totally new opportunities
  • Your perspective shifts you to a different view – you will quite literally see the world differently.

  You’ll be happier

  • As the saying goes ‘What price happiness?’ Coaching brings less problems and more happiness.
  • As your self confidence, self belief and self esteem increases so does your happiness. (Are you noticing how all this stuff is connected?)

  You’ll be less stressed

  • If stress is caused by the things we don’t do, then by achieving more with less procrastination the stress will diminish.
  • Can you be happy and stressed? Not in my world. Happiness overrides stress
  • You are more proactive, less reactive. Have less problems and more fun

  You’ll be more attractive

  • Have you ever noticed that absolute confidence shines a light of true beauty?
  • Confident people are attractive – end of.
  • Through coaching you’ll begin (or build on your ability) to know, like and trust yourself. With this you become like a magnet to others – trust me on this one.

  Be your true authentic self

This is my fav! My style of coaching dissolves the layers of BS (Belief Systems) that have built up over the years allowing the true gem you were born to be to SHINE.

  • When you get to know who you were truly born to be you are unstoppable.
  • When you operate from this solid rock of a diamond people instinctively feel it and follow you
  • This is Leadership at its best.

Who do you coach?

Ok – so this is where I’m expected to say ‘anyone from housewives to CEO’s’ right?   Well maybe that’s true but the real answer is anyone who is serious about making changes and are willing to step up and do whatever it takes.

Here are the pre-requisites:

  • You’re ready to take responsibility for where you are now
  • You’re ready to apply the focus and determination needed to reach your goals for the length of time it takes for you to get there
  • You have an open mind and are willing to do things differently

I don’t coach…

  • Whiners
  • Quitters
  • Wusses
  • Blamers

Why not? Well, in a nutshell coaching won’t make a blind bit of difference to these people and it’s my reputation on the line!

How do I choose a coach?

That’s a great question.  It is imperative you feel at ease with your coach.  You want someone who gives you the space to simply be you, to be vulnerable, to open your box of fears and doubts, get all that ‘stuff’ out into the open without losing face.

You also need to know they care about you enough to be challenging when necessary.

Check out the document on my site The Three most important questions you MUST ask your coach before handing over your hard earned cash!before making your decision.

What will happen in a coaching session?

Whoa! Hang on! Unless you’ve experienced coaching before, this is a whole new ball game for you.

So, before you take the plunge you’ll have an initial free, no obligation consultation with me to discuss what you’d like to achieve.

I’ll also send you an information pack explaining the coaching relationship along with an in depth set of questions which, even if you choose not to have coaching with me, answering them will highlight areas of your life and beliefs that are holding you back – and you’ve not paid a penny over yet!!

When you do choose to invite me along on your journey, this questionnaire will give me a great insight into who you are and how you work. It becomes a springboard for your coaching sessions.

If I feel coaching isn’t the right way forward for you at this time I’ll let you know & point you in the right direction.

During your sessions I’ll ask questions specifically designed to stretch you and help you think about your life in a different way. With your permission I will challenge you when necessary – this is not a cosy chat! You will also be able to ask me questions and if you want me to, I’ll offer appropriate suggestions, guidance and pearls of my unique form of wisdom.

At the end of every session you will have a clear action plan to work through before your next call. In fact, you will feel so excited and inspired you’ll end up doing so much more than you would have done on your own.

What do I do now?

Best bet is to contact me through the form below or drop me an email or contact me via Skype.   Of course, I may well be coaching someone but you can leave me a message and I’ll get straight back to you.  Meanwhile enjoy the Red Shoes Coaching site.

“Coaching is the single most powerful process ever devised for releasing individual human potential”
                                                                                                                                                            London School of Business


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