How to have authentic confidence

Let me tell you what I believe and know to be true about you.

I believe that when you were born you were perfect, perfect in your imperfections, you were born as you were meant to be.  Like an acorn that grows into a giant oak tree you already had everything inside you to become YOU!

This is what I call your ‘perfect peanut’!

The trouble is that over time, this perfect peanut, the You you were born to be gets covered up with a layer of BS – yep!  Belief Systems!  – I know what you were thinking there and to be honest it’s true!  Because this layer, that looks very much like the chocolate layer of a Peanut M&M, really is bullshit!

The Anatomy of a Peanut M&M

Your Belief Systems

Your beliefs were gathered around you and poured over you from a very early age by the people, culture and experiences around you.  Many of them unconsciously and unwittingly accepted by your subconscious as absolute truths and more often than not these beliefs are un-supporting and extremely limiting even though they really think they’re keeping you safe!  The problem is, is that you BELIEVE them to be TRUE.  And that truth just isn’t pretty!

This layer becomes

Who you’re afraid you really are

It’s simply too painful, too ugly and too scary to show this to the world so you hastily cover it up with a bright and shiny candy coating and this layer becomes

Who you pretend to be

I’m sure you’ve come into contact with people who you sense just aren’t being authentic.  Maybe you get the feeling they’re covering something up.  Or maybe, if you’re insecure in some way yourself, you wonder what you’ve done wrong.  Unauthentic people make us wary and people don’t trust them.  They make us uncomfortable.

But actually this lack of authenticity is simply their way, maybe your way, of protecting yourself because let’s face it, at least it covers up that shitty layer of who you really are afraid you might be!

Is this making sense?  For most people this explanation is the first step towards change, it offers an understanding of human behaviour, why you do the things you do, say the things you say and think the thoughts you think.

My coaching programs revolve around uncovering your Perfect Peanut, rediscovering and remembering who you really are, dispelling and changing those beliefs which allows the layer of BS to dissolve and the candy coating to fall away.

Imagine the confidence that comes with not only knowing exactly who you are but also from recognising that you are unique, special, a one-off with a recipe of individual gifts and talents that makes you the only YOU in the world!

Releasing your inner peanut effects every part of you.  So whether you’re struggling with your weight, your relationships, your emotions or life in general, living with authenticity, being the person you were born to be and allowing your light to shine out into the world will allow the healing to happen.


” Be yourself and there is no competition”    Kay Gill

Let me explain…

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