My two great passions in life are people and skiing.

Having learnt to ski against all odds at the age of 35, I spent the first ten years of my skiing life being terrified when out on the hill.  My knowledge and technical ability was far outweighed by my irrational fears and lack of confidence. I spent thousands of pounds and many many hours on lessons, courses and equipment looking for the external ‘magic pill’ that would transform my skiing.

Only when I started on a parallel journey of personal development did I realise that confidence and overcoming fear was an inside job!

Eventually using my new found knowledge of human psychology and NLP, I developed my own strategies to overcome her crippling fear and fell even more deeply in love with the sport and the mountain environment, even managing to gain a qualification to teach on the local Sheffield Dry Ski Slope in the UK, where I helped set up the Sheffield Sharks Children’s Ski Club.

Now, combining my coaching and NLP skills with my love of skiing, I am on a mission to help others who are held back by fear and lack of confidence on the slopes to free themselves like I did.

I am passionate about sharing what I learned and empowering people to get out there on the hill and get pleasure from the skiing they’ve paid hard earned money to do.  As I ride the lifts and see all those tense, fearful skiers down below I want to shout to them my message – that it’s OK, they can change and that change is so much easier than they think!

Learn more about my Skiing with Confidence online course here

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