We can all learn a lot from Walt

Nov 2, 2017

As a Nana I am developing a renewed love of all things Disney.

I’ve always admired the tenacity Walt Disney showed when following his dreams. Now as a fully-fledged and intentionally influential Nana to four beautiful girls I admire the guy even more.

The latest addiction of two of my granddaughters is Moana (having moved on from Frozen). As with every Disney film there is a not so hidden underlying lesson.

In case you haven’t watched the film, it is basically showing how the earth and Mother Nature are struggling to survive the onslaught of Man. In Moana, the island is dying and is portrayed as an angry, scary fiery monster. It rages, roars and writhes in its death throes (scaring the bejeesus out of little Lucy Lou).

All looks lost until Moana, a true Disney Heroine full of grit and determination, returns the Island’s stolen heart and peace, beauty and the wonder of nature is restored.

So, back to influencing my pretty little people who love the story and the songs but possibly don’t really get the lesson. As with most kiddies, they watch their favourite shows repeatedly, the seven minutes of the restoration of the ‘green girl’ is watched over & over again and I’ve taken to helping them understand a life lesson…

I simply say in an ‘under the radar’ kinda way… “All the monster needed was a little love”

So now, when I ask them “What does the Fire Monster need?” They automatically answer “Love”

Now, when these girls are out in the world, as children and adults, coming up against real life fiery monsters in the guise of angry people, I trust they will make the connection and understand that all they need is a little love.

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