Turn your passion into a successful business

I work with many solopreneurs who are brilliant at what they do but who’s belief and knowledge of how to turn their passion into a succesful business keeps them stuck. Having a great business idea or fabulous, saleable knowledge doesn’t automatically guarantee your business success. And that’s where I can help.

With my Business Nitty Gritty 6 month coaching course you will learn:

  • What it is you REALLY do and how to let your potential customers know
  • How to create a congruent internet presence that gets you noticed
  • Understand your IDEAL CLIENT and how to attract them
  • To build bullet proof belief in yourself and what you offer

I understand exactly where you are right now! A bold statement? Well, I’ve been there. I’ve ridden the high’s and low’s, the belief and doubts. I got here through trial and error, spending time, energy & hard earned cash learning what works and what doesn’t.  So let me help you cut to the chase and GET STARTED! And of course, once you know the process, you can be refine your business as you grow. My goal is put an end to your procrastination and confusion, walk with you to the edge of the cliff, push you off and let you FLY!

Imagine how turning your passion into a financially viable, successful business will change your life. Your life is created by moments of decision.  In a year’s time, when you’re business is something you cannot now even imagine, you’ll look back at this point and give thanks that you made the decision to take my hand and let me push.



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